Is Carrollton Taxi a local company in Carrollton TX?
Yes. We are the original Carrollton Taxi Cab Service in Carrollton TX since 1994.
I have never used a taxi. How do I request a one?
Collect your origin and destination addresses and call 972-416-8294 to arrange for your taxi service.
Can I book my taxi service in advance?
Yes, Carrollton Taxi Service offers two service options. Immediate Requests and Reservation Requests. Reservations are always the priority.
Immediate requests are handled as first come first serve bases. It could take 10-45 minutes
before the arrival of your taxi depending on the availibility.
Can I pay cash for my taxi service?
YES, we accept cach and credit cards. You can also use the Web Shop to pay in advance.
Would it be better to reserve or call when I'm ready?
It depends on your schedule. With a reservation request a time would be scheduled in advance.
With immediate request time flexibility is needed.
Does it cost more to reserve?
The reservation fee does apply should you wish to book ahead.
What are the rates?
Please visit the Rates Page.
How long has this company been in business?
Carrollton Taxi Service has been serving our community since 1994 with many
happy customers.
Is Carrollton Taxi Cab a 24 hour service?
No, but we can accommodate anytime by prearranging your requests.
How can I find the cost of my taxi service?
Simply visit the Rates page:
You can also call us with detailed address information and your total mileage of traveling with us to find your exact cost.
Do you accept credit card?
Yes. for amounts 55.00 and above without fees.
Do I need to provide my credit card to arrange for a pick up?
There are times when we ask for a credit card number to secure and confirm a reservation.
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